Chicago Bears: Could Julio Jones be headed to the NFC North?

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Could the Chicago Bears have to face off against Julio Jones more often in the near future? We all know that there is no way that Julio Jones ends up in Chicago, and honestly, at this point in their careers, I’d prefer Allen Robinson if Ryan Pace decides to extend him. The Chicago Bears have no way of affording a trade for Julio Jones at this point in the offseason, but that might not stop some of the NFC North rivals from stepping into the situation.

As of now, it appears there is bad blood between the Atlanta Falcons and Julio Jones. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you can hear the frustration in Julio Jones’ voice while talking to Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed today.

Is Julio Jones truly out the door in Atlanta?

To be honest, I am not so sure Julio Jones knew he was live on the air. I sure hope he did because Sharpe could be in some serious trouble. Either way, Julio Jones made a comment that he is “outta there”. Sharpe also asked Jones about the fact he was seen wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt. He didn’t really address the accusation directly, but offhandedly made a comment that he knows going to Dallas will not lead to winning — something Julio Jones seems focused on wanting.

The Chicago Bears could be in for a world of hurt if Julio Jones finds his way into the NFC North. Jones has been a top-five wide receiver in the league for years. His only downfall has been injuries. Well, that and honestly his red zone efficiency and usage. Jones struggles to rack up the touchdown numbers like some of the other receivers around the league. Do not think that makes him any less than deserving of being in the top-five tier though.