Chicago Bears: Could Julio Jones be headed to the NFC North?

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The Chicago Bears would be in trouble if Julio Jones ends up in Green Bay

Earlier today on the NFL Network, Kay Adams asked the other hosts where they would like to see Julio Jones end up. Tom Pelissero brought up the Green Bay Packers. He talked about how adding Julio Jones to the offense across from Devante Adams would not only be fun to see, but it could potentially put a stop to the feud between Aaron Rodgers and Brian Gutekunst.

The problem here is that the Packers do not have the salary cap room to make a move like this happen on its own. As Aaron Rodgers wants a new, hefty contract, would he put all of that aside if it meant bringing in a guy like Jones? Jones is due $15.3M in base salary this year. Trading for him (even if a post-June 1 trade) would not help the Packers financially — that would help the Falcons.

Could you imagine having Julio Jones and Davante Adams as the two main weapons? Now add in Amari Rodgers, the Packers’ third-round pick out of Clemson. I know that both Julio Jones and Adams have had some injury issues the last few years, but if Rodgers had these two to throw to, watch out.

Pelissero mentioned the Denver Broncos owning the record for most points scored in a single season (606), but believes if Jones and Adams are paired with Rodgers, the Packers could find themselves owning that record too.