Chicago Bears: Son of Devin Hester showing similar skill set

Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

As Chicago Bears fans know, Devin Hester was pretty good at football. Well, lucky for football fans in 2032, Devin Hester’s son Drayton Hester had a “highlight” tape from 2019 resurface, and it has been getting some attention online.

Is there a future Drayton Hester era in the works for the Chicago Bears and NFL?

This is obviously not the same as NFL football, nor does this tape guarantee a career for Drayton Hester, however, it’s not a crazy idea to think an NFL player, and potentially a Hall of Fame NFL player, can have a son with similar, or even better, potential. You see it with other sports, too, not even just football. Bobby and Brett Hull, Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jr., Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr., and many, many more.

However, since this should be football-based, there are plenty of father-son duos that have had multi-decade success in the league.

"Successful NFL duos: Archie, Peyton, Eli (and Arch…?) Manning; The entirety of the Matthews’ bloodline; Orlando Brown Sr. and Orlando Brown Jr.; Antoine Winfield Sr. and Antoine Winfield Jr.; Kellen Winslow Sr. and Kellen Winslow Jr.; and the list goes on."

To see another, and maybe even better Devin Hester would be quite the sight to see for sure. Now, these moves were very impressive for starters, but it isn’t absolutely indicative of anything. However, in the same vein, how cool would it be to see Drayton Hester on the Chicago Bears in 2032? I don’t know, maybe I’m speculating a bit too much…

As someone who’s watched Devin Hester’s YouTube highlights like they’re the nightly news, seeing a new batch of Hester highlights was like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning! Seeing ankles being broken by a Hester on YouTube just feels right. The return against Duke?! If you know, you know. Three things in life are guaranteed: Death, taxes, and a Hester breaking an opponent’s ankles on the football field.

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When you watch the two Hester’s tapes next to each other, outside of the game being a smaller scale, they look very similar. It should be interesting to see if the NFL gains another Hester in the future.