Chicago Bears: 3 trades that could still affect the NFC North

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2. The Chicago Bears would be hurt by Julio Jones coming to the division

One of the biggest storylines of the entire offseason is happening right this moment. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones told Shannon Sharpe, while on air, that he was as good as gone in Atlanta.

"”I’m outta there”"

Whether or not Jones knew he was on air is another story, but the fact is, he’s going to get traded — and likely soon, now that this media fest is at an all-time high.

Some outlets have the San Francisco 49ers or Tennessee Titans as top landing spots for Jones, and either one would make those respective teams even scarier. However, one team that makes sense for multiple reasons is the Packers. First of all, Jones said on air that he wanted to win. So, Green Bay is a logical destination.

Obviously, the situation with Rodgers is a difficult one for Green Bay at this time. If they added Jones, chances are, Rodgers would be pleased and all of this might dissolve itself. Having Jones on the opposite side of Adams would be one of the scarier sights seen in the history of NFL passing games.

The Bears would have a difficult time stopping that offense, as would any defense in the league. Attempting to hold Rodgers, Adams, Jones, Tonyan and running back Aaron Jones down would be nearly impossible. This would cripple the Bears’ hopes at competing for the NFC North.