Chicago Bears pre-training camp offensive positional group grades

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Chicago Bears, Jimmy Graham
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Chicago Bears Tight Ends

  1. Jimmy Graham
  2. Cole Kmet
  3. J.P. Holtz
  4. Jesper Horsted
  5. Darion Clark
  6. Scooter Harrington (R)

Jimmy Graham and Cole Kmet both return for 2021 as the starting ‘U’ and ‘Y’ tight ends respectively. Graham still may get cut due to his current cap hit, but as of now he’s still the starter and was a solid tight end for the Bears. Kmet still needs development as well, but he is a solid run-blocker and a tough receiver.

J.P. Holtz returns as the Swiss Army knife at tight end as he lines up anywhere from fullback to split out. He still provides great depth. His value is greatly needed especially in his run-blocking ability. He likely will make the team possibly with Jesper Horsted if the Bears carry four tight ends.

Darion Clark and Scooter Harrington are both likely camp bodies who will compete to make the practice squad. Clark has been a project for the Bears for some time now and Harrington is a rookie who also needs development as well.

Grade: B-

Jimmy Graham isn’t getting any younger and Cole Kmet still needs more work. They could additionally use better receiving depth as well as Holtz isn’t exactly a great receiving tight end and neither is Horsted. They additionally lack any sort of explosiveness from this group.