5 Chicago Bears who can benefit big from Justin Fields in 2021

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears drafting Justin Fields obviously had huge implications for the entire organization. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy knew that they needed to make a big move to keep momentum going for what they have been trying to build.

However, beyond giving the fan base hope and the coach and GM a breathe of fresh air, the entire roster will now go in a different direction. This is not a bad thing, and for a lot of players it could be the lightning in a bottle they need to spark their careers.

Who are five players who should be most excited about Justin Fields being drafted by the Chicago Bears.

5. Germain Ifedi

Juan Castillo made it sound as though Germain Ifedi was going to be the starting right tackle on day one, and it would be hard to knock him off. This is a big year for Ifedi, who signed a one year, nearly $5 million deal with Chicago after signing for less the year before. He played guard the year before and is slated to play tackle this year so that has to do with it.

It also could be the faith that Castillo has. If Ifedi has a big year, the tackle market could be huge for a first round pick who finally put it together. The Bears may be hoping the early investment buys them some good faith.

Either way, it is obvious that Ifedi would look better with Justin Fields than Andy Dalton. To start, the Bears would skew run heavy not only with a rookie quarterback, but because that quarterback is a run threat. His legs being a threat causes defenders to pause and read the QB. Andy Dalton will have rushers pinning back for the less mobile option.

We saw last year that while Mitch Trubisky took more sacks when under pressure than Nick Foles, Foles was under more pressure overall due to his lack of mobility.

Ifedi would love a scheme where he runs downhill more often, and where his Qb may help buy him time, and bail him out of plays.