Chicago Bears: 5 players who may lose their job in 2021

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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
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Chicago Bears who may lose their job in 2021: Andy Dalton

As the most obvious player on a list like this, Andy Dalton is a guy we need to talk about. There are some outlets that think Dalton is more equipped to start the season right now, which may or may not be true. The argument could be made, however, for Dalton to be trotted out there in Week 1.

If he does start the season, Dalton will not last very long. He gets the Los Angeles Rams defense to begin with, which in all likelihood, will not be a pretty outcome. I see no way Dalton makes it past Week 3 if he is given the nod to start, but the more likely scenario is that rookie Justin Fields takes his job in training camp.

Head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace have to support Dalton right now. He was told he’d be the starter when he signed in Chicago, thus Nagy is going to continue to show his support for the veteran and say all of the right things. Nagy will “coach speak” his way through the next couple of months until things really get heated.

Look, there are few certainties in life and in the NFL. However, you can bet your next mortgage payment that Dalton is going to lose his starting job this year — sooner or later. If you want to take that bet even further, go ahead and specify that it will be no later than Week 4. Book it.