Are the Chicago Bears on the verge of selling the team?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Could our dreams actually come true? Could we see the McCaskeys sell the Chicago Bears franchise? Will this be the end of the very hated Ted Phillips? Will the Chicago Bears finally turn the front office around and make fans proud?

Honestly, the answer is likely no. However, it seems there is some discontent between some of the McCaskey family members. With Virginia McCaskey still involved (how often does George McCaskey tell us how upset she is?), I doubt very much that anything will happen as long as she is still alive. However, she is 98 years old and although seems relatively healthy for her age, she is no spring chicken.

If you read what was said specifically, the comment was as follows:

"“There is some internal strife going on among family members to sell … now.”"

We have to realize that there are multiple generations involved with the ownership of the team right now. Starting at the top with Virginia McCaskey, there are five generations now involved with the outcome of a sale, but not all of them are of age to be a part of any decision-making.

Although many might be excited about the idea of the McCaskey’s selling the team, I honestly would be a little sad. Listen, I have come out and said that Ted Phillips needs to be fired or removed from football operations. I have even come out and said that George McCaskey might need to fire himself. However, when you think of it from a legacy standpoint, the Chicago Bears are a historic franchise and the ownership has remained in the family for over 100 years.

Maybe it is time for a change, but the whole Jeff Bezos idea sounds awful to me. Bezos is not the type of owner I’d like to see here in Chicago. When we look at what the McCaskey’s bring to the table, at least some of them seem to care about winning despite multiple failed attempts. George McCaskey is genuine in his attempt to bring this city a Super Bowl, even if he is not well equipped to do it. Give me an owner who is truly passionate and not just some rich, power-hungry owner. Give me a Mark Cuban type of owner.

Stop thinking Jeff Bezos will save the Chicago Bears or any NFL team

Bezos is not going to bring anything to this team from an individual standpoint. He has been linked to multiple teams and Sports Illustrated laid it out best with three things he will bring to the league.

  • He’s rich and capable of paying anything for a team
  • He brings influence and connections to the league
  • He adds prestige to an already prestigious group of owners

From this standpoint it makes sense why the NFL wants Bezos, but why are fans shouting for him to buy the Chicago Bears? I have seen comments like, he can buy anything in order to win a Super Bowl. Well, no, that’s not how things work. There is a salary cap for a reason. There is a misconception that the McCaskey family does not spend money.

I’m not going to say they have not been stingy in the past in certain areas, because they have. However, the amount of money they spent to build a state-of-the-art facility at Halas Hall begs to differ. They pay their coaches relatively well too. Please explain to me how Jeff Bezos is going to affect change? Yes, the man who owns Amazon and has been in trouble with multiple labor law disputes is going to do right by our favorite football team? Doubtful.

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Here’s the thing. I’d love for the McCaskeys to be involved with the building of a franchise we can all be proud of. That is what founder George Halas would want to see. Honestly, the family owes it to the fans and their own legacy. However, if they do sell the team, I would not shed a tear for the McCaskey family. They have created this mess and if they cannot clean it up, hopefully, they sell to someone who can. I just do not see that being Jeff Bezos, so let’s stop that nonsense now!

To sum it up, my best guess is that the Bears will not be selling the team any time soon. This sounds like familiar offseason nonsense we hear every year just like moving the team to Arlington Heights. “Don’t believe it until you see it” is how we should approach this one.