Chicago Bears: 5 bold, early offensive predictions for 2021

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For a couple of years now, the Chicago Bears have largely been a disappointment on offense. Even back in 2018, the points per game was kind of a fluke due to so much help from their defense.

It’s about that time that the Bears’ offense steps up to the plate and isn’t always overshadowed by the defense.

If the Bears are going to compete for anything beyond a Wildcard spot in 2021, their offense must take a leap. In order to do so, it’s going to take a group effort, but it also starts at the top.

In 2020, the Bears were the 26th ranked offense in the NFL in terms of yards per game. For a team coached by a so-called “offensive mind,” that’s a far cry from where they should be. In 2021, that will change.

The Chicago Bears offense is about to transform into a well-oiled machine

The Bears now have one weapon they didn’t have last year in rookie quarterback Justin Fields. Sure, we’ve made plenty of Fields being the Bears’ savior already. But, this kid is different, and the Bears haven’t seen someone like him under center — ever.

Fields changes everything, but one other factor at play is the future of head coach Matt Nagy. He can’t be guaranteed to keep his job for that much longer, should his offense struggle this coming season.

Nagy is an offensive mind. He’s creative. His playbook is actually a great one. The problem has been two-fold: play-calling and quarterback play. One of those will be better this year, and the former is up to coach Nagy. I would bet Nagy’s play-calling improves in a big way this season.

If it does, the Bears’ offense is going to surprise some people. This unit is going to do some special things if all goes according to plan. How special? Let’s get bold.