Chicago Bears: 3 reasons Julio Jones isn’t worth a trade

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Julio Jones recent run-in with injuries is a big red flag for the Chicago Bears

Julio Jones missed five of the Falcons’ last six games, and because of that, fans and teams are worried that the 11-year vet might not be able to return to 100%.

In the 2020 season, along with missing five of the last six games, Julio Jones only played a significant % (75%+) of seven games.

In Week 4, Jones only played 21% of offensive snaps, and he only played 35.5% of offensive snaps in Week 10. So, of the nine games Julio Jones played in 2020, he really only played in five of them.

To combine reasons on why the Chicago Bears shouldn’t go after Julio Jones, when looking at pay in relation to how many games played, it’s very alarming. For fun and games, let’s say 2021 results in the same effectiveness as 2020.

If the Bears paid Julio Jones $20M in 2021 and he only played a significant part in five games, he’d be getting paid $4M per game. Now, in that same frame of mind, the Bears would be paying $20M for 51 receptions, 771 yards, and 3 touchdowns.

For breakdown by stat, that would be either:

  • ~$25,940.34 per yard
  • ~$392,156.86 per reception
  • ~$6,666,666.67 per touchdown

So, in terms of getting the best bang for your buck, Julio Jones is not it– if he performs similarly to last season.

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Closing Thoughts: Trading for Julio Jones is not a good decision for the Chicago Bears

For the reasons stated, there is no real reason to go after Julio Jones in this offseason.

For the reasons that Atlanta is willing to trade him align well with why the Chicago Bears shouldn’t trade for him. He’s on the tail-end of his career, he’s returning after missing a handful of games, and he’s more expensive than anyone on the roster right now.

In the words of the Sharks on Shark Tank after hearing a pitch they’re not interested in, the Chicago Bears should be in a similar mindset by saying: “And for those reasons, I’m out.”