Chicago Bears: Won’t Sit Justin Fields ‘Just for Fun’

Chicago Bears (Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports) /

While it’s been said that the Chicago Bears intend on starting Andy Dalton as ‘QB1’ against the Los Angeles Rams Week 1, there’s a rumor that the Bears won’t sit Justin Fields “just for fun,” to give quarterback duties to Dalton.

"“Now, if Fields is just undeniable over the next three to four months in training camp, they’re not going to just sit him just for fun or posterity just to play the veteran. So they’re going to give him the best chance, but they’re OK sitting Fields if Dalton has a good grasp on the job and they feel like they can win with him. So, they believe they’re going to be better regardless. It just depends on whether Fields is ready Week 1.” – Jeremy Fowler, Get Up"

While that is all speculation and reason put together, it’s all up to what the shot-callers at Halas Hall believe puts the Chicago Bears in the best opportunity to win games.

Andy Dalton, while lacking postseason success, has shown to be a serviceable quarterback. Before the Bears had signed Nick Foles to compete with Mitchell Trubisky, I was in favor of going after the “Red Rifle”.

However, Fields, if he proves to be what he seemed to be in the scouting process, will get that spot over Andy. When it’s time to warm-up for the LA Rams on prime time, the Chicago Bears will have selected their play-caller, and that play-caller will be the one that puts that team in the best position to win.

There may be speculation on the front office’s ability to develop an exceptional quarterback, but in the eyes of many, Justin Fields is a project that simply needs a few tweaks to be what the Chicago Bears have longed for since – I don’t know, Jay Cutler?

And I think we can all agree that Justin Fields, before even taking an NFL snap, has a higher ceiling as a franchise quarterback than the then 26-year-old (Cutler) quarterback.

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It’s going to be a fun ride to follow the roller coaster that awaits during these next few months until Week 1 against the Rams.