Chicago Bears: 4 teams that should still trade for Nick Foles

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New York Jets, Zach Wilson
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Chicago Bears trade targets for Nick Foles: New York Jets

It is quite possible that the Chicago Bears will be stuck with Nick Foles as their third-string quarterback this year. Rumors are that the Bears and Eagles were in heavy talks about a trade for Nick Foles, but after hearing that Foles would make things difficult and not report, the trade talks fell through. Honestly, that does not sound like the Nick Foles we all know, but it’s possible that Foles does not want to move his family again, especially after having a baby last year.

However, Foles is also a competitor. Hearing that he is going to be pushed down the depth chart this early in the offseason could be a motivator for him to be willing to make another switch. Although it would be a fairly big move geographically, moving to New York could be a solid move for Foles. The New York Jets could definitely use the presence of a player like Nick Foles too.

This season, the Jets traded Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers. The team held the second-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and drafted quarterback Zach Wilson. Wilson has a big personality and plenty of upside. However, he also comes with some serious risks. I was not as high on Wilson heading into the draft as many others. He was ranked as my third quarterback behind Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields.

I do believe Wilson has tremendous upside, but he could also fail miserably. Time will tell, but the Jets do not have anyone behind Wilson who should exude confidence from the organization or their fans. The Jets selected James Morgan in the fourth round of last year’s draft. Behind him is Mike White. White was a fifth-round pick by the Cowboys in 2018. Neither quarterback has any regular-season experience.

This team should send a sixth-round pick to the Chicago Bears for Nick Foles.