Chicago Bears: Predicting the final wide receivers depth chart

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have one of the best wide receiver options in Allen Robinson

The Chicago Bears have a legit wide receiver one when it comes to Allen Robinson. What’s crazy is that Robinson might have one of the best quarterbacks throwing to him in his career. Anyone who reads my content knows that I was (and still am) a Mitch Trubisky stan. I truly believe that if in the right system, Trubisky could be a very good quarterback. Elite was never a word I equated with him though.

Andy Dalton is probably still a slight upgrade over Mitch Trubisky. I emphasize the word slight here and although I believe Dalton will start the season under center, I believe he will find himself with a very short leash. Now comes Justin Fields. Putting the expectations I am putting on Just Fields is probably not fair, but I do believe he has the potential to be elite. I am not just saying that because he is on the Chicago Bears. Had he been drafted by another team, I’d feel the same way.

Should Fields find his way onto the field, Allen Robinson could be in for a very big year statistically. This could not be better for Robinson who is playing for another contract. Personally, I am hoping Ryan Pace and Robinson bury the hatchet and they get an extension done this offseason. Since joining the Bears in 2018, Robinson has been nothing short of exemplary.

Now, if we are being honest, wide receivers usually are not what sets a team apart when winning a Super Bowl. This is why focusing on getting the quarterback position right had to be the priority. Franchise tagging Robinson was the correct move, but extending him now would be an even better move. It would free up space for Pace to sign a few more needed veteran players prior to training camp. Allen Robinson was the obvious answer to be the top receiver, who is second?