Chicago Bears: 3 advantages Justin Fields has over Andy Dalton

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2. Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields is a better athlete

We have seen time and time again how athleticism is important in Nagy’s offense. There are some aspects of the playbook which even worked well for Mitchell Trubisky. On the flip side, we have seen just how poorly the Bears’ offense looks when a non-athletic quarterback like Nick Foles is under center. The athleticism is important.

The Bears have a chance to play maybe one more season with their top wide receiver, and it’ll be in a season where Fields might just be able to convince Robinson to stay if he’s given the green light. Once his teammates see just how dynamic this offense can be with Fields’ athleticism involved, the outlook could be much different for a guy like Robinson.

The Bears need to play Fields sooner rather than later. They will face some great defenses in 2021, and Fields’ legs could come into play in a big way. Look at Week 1. From the get-go, the Bears play the Los Angeles Rams. If Dalton is thrown out there, he may as well be the sacrificial lamb in order to see Fields suit up in Week 2.

Fields’ athleticism is going to help this offense tremendously. Whether it’s escaping guys like Aaron Donald or Nick Bosa, or taking the rock on RPO reads, it would be silly to roll Dalton out there for any amount of time. It won’t work. There’s no chance it works. Fields should get the nod immediately.