Chicago Bears: 5 players who could surprisingly still be cut

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The Chicago Bears could opt to cut Nick Foles

What a disaster the Nick Foles trade has turned out to be for the Bears. Even though there were people hoping he would be the better quarterback in 2020, Mitchell Trubisky still outplayed him in many ways.

Now, the Bears have Justin Fields and Andy Dalton on board. Foles will likely never see the field, barring two injuries. What’s the point of keeping Foles on the roster, other than the fact they’re obligated to pay him?

Let’s say the Bears are in a spot where they desperately need the final spot on their 53-man roster to be filled by a player they feel is too talented to let go of. Maybe it comes down to someone the Bears think will play at some point this year and could be valuable to their future.

If it’s between a player like that and Foles, don’t be too shocked if the Bears simply choose to eat the $14.3 million in dead cap and release him. He hardly adds any value to the Bears’ roster at this point, and they may be better off allowing another player to take his roster spot.