Chicago Bears: 5 players with the most to prove in 2021 season

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Chicago Bears with the most to prove in 2021: Allen Robinson

If we’re being honest, Robinson has been great in two of three seasons with the Bears. But, has he been elite? Quarterback play aside, Robinson still hasn’t earned All-Pro nods or even Pro Bowl invites.

Say what you want about Robinson’s route-running, contested catches and all of his other incredible skills, but just 17 touchdowns in three seasons doesn’t exactly beg for top-end wide receiver money.

Robinson isn’t fighting for a long-term contract in Chicago. That ship has all but sailed. Next year, he’ll be one of the best available free agent receivers. But, if a team is going to give him the money he’s been asking for, he’ll have to put up a career year. If he ends this season with another six or seven touchdowns, I don’t see any way he gets top-tier money.

Beyond just betting on himself and looking for his next contract, Robinson should be out to prove that the Bears made a huge mistake not extending him when they could. Back in September of 2020, Robinson and the Bears cut off contract talks. Since then, there’s been little to no progress made.

It’s now on his shoulders to prove Pace is the buffoon for allowing the situation to get to this point.