Khalil Mack will climb Chicago Bears all-time sack leaders list in 2021

Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

Khalil Mack has only been on the Chicago Bears for three years but his presence has already been felt. With 30 sacks over three seasons, Mack has asserted himself as a player that we will soon bring up with the rest of the all-time Chicago greats on defense.

Mack is entering age 30, which may mean that we do not have peak numbers from him, but it does mean that he has a few more years of great production. So far through three years with Chicago, he ranks 12th all-time in sacks.

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What is interesting to note is how fast Mack is likely to climb in 2021. Mack has averaged 10 sacks per season in Chicago, and some fans think he could have had more. Still, at number 12 he is now just 10.5 sacks away from jumping up to number eight.

It would top Julius Peppers, who had 37.5 sacks with the Bears recently after starting his career elsewhere. 11.5 sacks would get Khalil Mack over Brian Urlacher, and into the top seven all-time.

Beyond that, we know Mack is going to be here a few more years. Mack is 14 sacks away from being four all-time in franchise history in sacks. That is possible if Mack has a peak season. Still, he will surely be top four by 2022 and is 27 sacks away from being top three in franchise history.

The real question is whether Khalil Mack will finish third or second on the all-time franchise list, and he is highly unlikely to top Richard Dent. Even Steve McMichael has 62.5 sacks on Mack. That would mean five seasons of 12.5 sacks, which seems unlikely.

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Mack could get to third all-time as soon as 2022, but from there he may be finishing third all-time in franchise history. Still, for not spending his first couple of seasons in Chicago that is one heck of a rise up the all-time great pass rusher list.