3 Best moves the Chicago Bears made this offseason

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Entering the 2020 season, many people had Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy on the hot seat. Those seats started to warm up even more when the Chicago Bears went on a six-game losing streak. They eventually somehow snuck into the playoffs and lost in the first round. This likely saved both of their jobs.

The entire month of December until the end of April was officially the Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy hate season. Every move that Pace made just caused fans to groan. Every Nagy press conference made everyone roll their eyes at the common terms of “fired up”, “conviction”, and the new one, “collaboration”.

Ryan Pace and  the Chicago Bears had a rollercoaster of an offseason

Once the NFL Draft rolled around, Pace showed everyone what he can do. The consensus around the Bears completely changed. The Bears may have become a real football team. Then fans started realizing what he was doing. He may have made some questionable moves, but every move he made was to help his new and shiny toys of the 2021 NFL Draft class.

Looking back at the offseason, Pace actually did a fine job in free agency given the amount of cap space he had to work with. He made some cuts that had to be made and he brought players back who impressed last year while bringing in new competition. Pace additionally absolutely loaded up important position groups.

All in all, hats off to Ryan Pace. He had a great offseason. What moves were his best ones though this offseason?