Chicago Bears should make these final two moves at quarterback

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The Chicago Bears have one of the deepest quarterback groups in the NFL right now. With Andy Dalton as the projected Week 1 starter and Justin Fields pushing him, the Bears quarterback room looks vastly different than 2020. Now, add in Nick Foles to the mix and this team will need to keep three quarterbacks on the active roster throughout 2021. Or do they?

Before we get into the two moves Ryan Pace should make to finalize the 2021 roster, let us take a look at how the Bears’ current quarterback group came together. After trading up one spot to select Mitch Trubisky in 2021, the upside surrounding the Chicago Bears seemed very high. Unfortunately, the team was filled with a bunch of second-tier players and did not amount to anything under John Fox.

Then in 2018, a major shift took place. Mitch Trubisky showed enough upside in 2018 to have Bears fans excited. The team switched from a defensive-minded John Fox to an offensive-minded Matt Nagy as head coach. Then Pace made a move that not many saw coming. He traded two first-round picks for Khalil Mack. The move instantly made the team a contender and the Chicago Bears defense, along with an average offense, led the Bears to an NFC North title.

Plenty has changed for the Chicago Bears over the last two seasons

Unfortunately, the feeling was short-lived and 2019 came crashing down as the offense struggled and the fanbase started turning on Trubisky and Nagy. After two years of subpar quarterback play, Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace appeared to be on the hot seat. They were given another crack at it though this offseason and did not disappoint. After signing Andy Dalton to be the 2021 starter, Pace gave the fanbase a new hope after moving up from 20th overall to 11 to draft Justin Fields.

It appears that all has been forgiven when it comes to Ryan Pace, but we all know this is a “what have you done for me lately” type of league and if the team starts to struggle this season, fans will likely turn on Pace and Nagy once again. Neither can worry about that though. Instead, Ryan Pace must find a way to continue to improve this roster and although sending Nick Foles to another team does not help per se, it’s a move that must be made.