Chicago Bears should make these final two moves at quarterback

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The Chicago Bears should trade Nick Foles to the New York Jets

There is no way the Chicago Bears will need Nick Foles on this roster. He is giving Justin Fields all that he needs right now as mentor and coach, but Andy Dalton can also serve that role. The team does not need to carry three quarterbacks this season. Instead, trading Nick Foles makes perfect sense.

Rumors are that the team has attempted to do this already this offseason, unfortunately, it appears that Foles is not making it very easy. He is rumored to not be a willing participant and that kept him from moving back to the Philadelphia Eagles.

As of right now, the Chicago Bears have allocated $15 million dollars to the quarterback position in 2021. That has the team ranked 14th in terms of the salary cap. Sending Nick Foles to another team will not drastically change that, but they would save $4 million dollars in the move. This money could be used to bring in another free agent to help at a position with a larger need.

Rumors are swirling that the New York Jets could be a team the Chicago Bears send Foles to and it does make sense. The team has Zach Wilson at quarterback with two subpar backup options behind him. The Bears would not get much in this move — likely a 2022 seventh-round pick with stipulations that could cause the pick to be a sixth-rounder. Something is better than nothing though and the salary savings alone would be fantastic for the Bears right now.