What the Chicago Bears were missing from Tarik Cohen in 2020

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Tarik Cohen can help with production in RPO schemes 

Typically, size is everything in the NFL. The bigger and stronger a defensive end is, the better chance he has in dominating a left tackle on Sundays. However, for Cohen, his small frame allows for high-end speed and makes it tough for defensive backs and linebackers to contain him.

One big aspect of the Bears offense is RPOs (Run-Pass option). These plays give the quarterback multiple options by looking at his “read”. It could be a DE or a linebacker. The QB can either hand the ball off, keep it, or throw it. It is something the entire NFL has adopted and there is plenty an offense can do in this scheme.

In fact, the Bears were among the top of the league in running RPOs in 2018 with Mitchell Trubisky. An athletic quarterback like Trubisky could make quick reads and use his feet to be a playmaker on the run. RPOs are effective and we should see plenty of them this season, especially with Cohen.