Chicago Bears: 5 players who are big injury risks in 2021

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Chicago Bears, Desmond Trufant
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Another new face of the Chicago Bears who is an injury risk is Desmond Trufant

Now starts the onslaught of defensive players. Yeah, the defense holds plenty of injury risks and they are not all old or backups like Marquise Goodwin. Desmond Trufant has always been a great cornerback when healthy. He made the Pro Bowl in his third season in the NFL and he only had one interception that season.

Trufant has played most of his career with the Atlanta Falcons. Last season was his first season away from the Falcons as he played one year for the Lions. Trufant only started six games though as he missed time due to a hamstring injury. The injury eventually put Trufant on injured reserve. The hope is that doesn’t become a problem again in 2021.

If we look at Trufant’s advanced stats, he has not been great the last two years. He allowed four touchdowns while only seeing 38 targets in 2019. Last year he gave up three touchdowns on 32 targets. Both seasons he allowed over 65% of his targets to be completed and quarterbacks saw 100.2 (2019) and 111.3 (2020) quarterback ratings. I am legitimately concerned about the Chicago Bears’ secondary.