Chicago Bears: 3 wide receiver trades to think about for 2022

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Chicago Bears, Amari Cooper
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The Chicago Bears could trade for Dallas Cowboys wideout Amari Cooper

This last one is a pretty intriguing scenario, mostly due to the cash involved.

Amari Cooper is on a 5-year, $100 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys. However, the contract is extremely easy to get out of after 2022. Therefore, the Bears could see how it worked out with Cooper for a year and then decide what they would like to do. It all depends on what they’d have to give up to land Cooper, though.

The one thing the Bears would have working in their favor is the fact that Dallas will eventually have to pay CeeDee Lamb, who could work his way into being the No. 1 receiver within the next year or two. The Cowboys took him in the first round last year and knew exactly the type of player he is and could continue becoming. Lamb will deserve some hefty cash in the future.

Cooper’s cap hit is $22 million for each of the final three years on his deal, but if he either didn’t work out as planned or the Bears didn’t want to pay up, his dead cap number is $4 million in 2023 and just $2 million in 2024. That’s what makes his deal so interesting.

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Let’s say the Bears offered Dallas a future third-rounder for Cooper next year. Would that be enough to land him? Would fans be happy with such a trade? It’s a juicy question, indeed.