Chicago Bears “shocked” by Eddie Goldman absence

Chicago Bears (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

When the Chicago Bears reported that Eddie Goldman missed OTAs with an excused absence, it was a bit of a shock. Goldman had never had issues with the team before opting out last year due to COVID concerns. Goldman showed up to the voluntary sessions, then missed the mandatory workouts making the situation even more questionable.

While fans were surprised by the absence, word is that the Chicago Bears were just as surprised. Adam Caplan, an NFL insider reported such, saying that the Bears were “shocked” by not seeing Goldman.

You can check out the video here, he starts to talk about Chicago right around the 6 min mark.

Caplan mentions that they were not just shocked, but now concerned about what they can expect, if anything from Goldman. This makes the signing of Mike Pennel all the more interesting. Sure, Pennel could just be solid depth, but he has been a starter before, and is notable insurance for Goldman.

Pennel also could be strong depth behind Goldman considering they do not know what to expect from him after missing a year.

It is worth noting that Caplan went onto say that coaches and his teammates have talked and that they all anticipate Goldman will be there for training camp. From there, we will see what kind of shape he is in.

It is also worth adding that Bill Zimmerman spoke to a Bears source who almost guaranteed that Goldman will show up for camp. Zimmerman is not an NFL insider, but a respected Bears personality who once wrote for this very site. Combining Zimmerman and Caplan, it sounds as though whatever happened is behind them and Goldman will be there for camp.

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The question from there is what kind of shape he is in, and whether he looks like the old starter, or if he is more of a rotational depth piece.