Chicago Bears: 5 Players who need to step up for the 2021 season

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The Chicago Bears need Andy Dalton to step up or move over for Justin Fields

Now, many people won’t like this as they’re pulling for Justin Fields to start. However, for now, Andy Dalton is the guy according to Matt Nagy. We need to accept that for now, the “Red Rifle” is our quarterback.

The long-time Bengals starter took a major discount to back up Dak Prescott in Dallas. Probably not expecting to see the field, Dalton got thrown in early as Prescott suffered a season-ending injury. Coming to a new team with virtually no offseason, Dalton was thrown into a dumpster fire that had injuries all over.

Dalton is not a world-beater. He won’t win games like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, but he won’t lose games like we’ve seen our quarterbacks do as of recently. He is a smart quarterback that can read a defense and can deliver the ball. All we’ve heard of reports out of camp is that he looks solid, so we should hope for the best.

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Not only does Dalton need to step up to deliver wins, but he also needs to step up for Fields. He needs to help mentor Fields and take him under his wing which apparently has already happened. A veteran presence who has done well in the NFL will only help Fields development. Regardless, if we want to win, we need Dalton to play well.