Chicago Bears: Trust “da” process set in place for 2021

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /
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What is the ideal scenario for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears threw Mitch Trubisky into the fire in Week 5 of his rookie season. Although, they didn’t have much choice. Even with their starting quarterback being Mike Glennon, it still was a risky move for a quarterback with so little experience. I’m not going to get into this whole thing because the Trubisky boat has sailed, but it is worth mentioning all the facts.

A couple of years later and the Chicago Bears are back in the same situation as they were in 2017. Only this time, the Bears have a more trustworthy starter in front of their future QB. I think Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace have a better plan in place this time around.

If the Bears were to start Fields this year, it should not be until Week 11, after their Week 10 bye week. This gives Justin Fields nine full weeks of scouting and another two weeks to get first-team reps. This also gives nine weeks for the offense to get used to one another and work better off of each other.

A perfect scenario would be Dalton leading the team to the Super Bowl and having Fields take over the following season. The odds of that happening are slim to none, but we can dream, right? Personally, I think Dalton will be average at best. If Dalton does get benched, hopefully, the Chicago Bears won’t bench him until after Week 9.

Rookie quarterbacks used to almost always sit behind an established quarterback until they were ready. Look at Tom Brady behind Drew Bledsoe and Aaron Rodgers behind Brett Favre as an example. However, in today’s league, half the teams are more than ready to throw their first-round QB into the trenches. To be fair, some don’t really have a choice. Who are the Jets going to start in front of Zach Wilson?

Luckily, the Bears aren’t in that situation.

Many said the Chicago Bears got the steal of the draft in Justin Fields. Despite Dalton not being what he once was, he’s a good guy to have in front of the future QB1. The Bears have a 10-year veteran who has thrown for over 33,000 yards and 218 touchdowns.