Chicago Bears Where are They Now: Ryan Pace’s first-round draft picks

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Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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The Chicago Bears have seen a transformation from the end of the 2020 season to the start of the 2021 season. Despite making the playoffs (barely) with an 8-8 record, fans wanted to see one or both of Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy fired. I was always on record of thinking if Matt Nagy was to be retained, Ryan Pace should be too. Although, shipping them both out would have been okay as well.

I am also still on record for wanting the team to create a new position — President of Football Operations. This position would essentially remove football decisions from Ted Phillips and give Ryan Pace (or any future general managers) an actual person to answer to for his decisions.

Now that Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace were retained, the hindsight of what could have been no longer matters. Not to mention, it seems many have forgiven Ryan Pace for his past indiscretions now that the team found a way to come away with Justin Fields.

Ryan Pace gets a second chance at redemption with the Chicago Bears

Heading into the 2021 offseason, quarterback was still the biggest question. Were the Chicago Bears going to bring back Mitch Trubisky after declining his fifth-year option? The answer was clearly no. Was Matt Nagy okay with Nick Foles at quarterback? Clearly not as the rumors spread about the team wheeling and dealing for Russell Wilson. Those rumors were short-lived as Andy Dalton was signed to be the 2021 savior. Fans were still not happy but hopeful for the NFL Draft.

After not having a first-round pick for the last two seasons, Ryan Pace sent a 2022 first-round pick to move up from 20th overall to 11th and select Justin Fields. The fanbase went crazy and now many are excited about this team’s future. It is funny how a single first-round pick can make that much of a difference. Ryan Pace has traded away plenty of his future first-round picks as the Chicago Bears general manager, limiting his attempts, but let’s look back at where they are now.