Chicago Bears Where are They Now: Ryan Pace’s first-round draft picks

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Ryan Pace’s infamous 2017 NFL Draft for the Chicago Bears

This is the one folks. Yes, this is the one draft that I thought was going to take Ryan Pace down. Trading up one spot for Mitch Trubisky would not have been a big deal had Trubisky turned out to be as talented as Patrick Mahomes or DeShaun Watson. Let’s be real here for a minute though, the pick should have been Watson — no one was taking Mahomes first in this quarterback draft class and maybe, just maybe that is why Pace is getting a second crack at things this season?

Remember when I was talking about Leonard Floyd not being a bust as a player as much as the ninth pick in the 2016 NFL Draft was a bust? We have a similar situation here with Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky did not have his best season last year (although it wasn’t awful statistically) as Floyd had with the Rams. However, both did not see their fifth-year option and both were allowed to walk after their rookie contract after playing somewhat decent ball.

Mitch Trubisky will never be elite. He finds himself as a backup quarterback in Buffalo, however, I personally believe he deserves better than that, at this point in his career he is likely to be a backup going forward with limited opportunities to see the field. This is not the case with Floyd who was always a solid linebacker, just not a pass rusher.

I’m not even going to argue statistics on this one, the dead horse does not need any more kicking. Let’s move on just as Trubisky moved onto Buffalo. Now let us hope that the second chance with Justin Fields plays out differently. In fact, Fields falling reminds me somewhat of Watson falling in 2017. I’d love to see Fields be just as good, if not better than Watson on the field. As of now, it seems off the field performance should be fairly easy for Fields.