Chicago Bears: How Justin Fields can beat out Andy Dalton at camp

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Justin Fields needs to put his dual-threat ability on full display

What’s the first major difference between Andy Dalton and Justin Fields? Many would say arm strength, age, and maturity, but arguably the most important thing that he has the edge on Dalton with is his dual-threat capability. Dalton is not even half of the athlete that Fields is and Fields needs to use his strengths to his advantage to prove he is better than Dalton. His physical traits are just some of those.

We are seeing a major shift in the NFL at the quarterback position. The old, pro-style quarterbacks of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees are beginning to die off as the elite quarterbacks of the NFL. Now, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Allen are fully putting on display how important it is for a quarterback to be able to maneuver out of the pocket and be able to throw on the run and make plays with their legs. Russell Wilson basically pioneered this movement.

These athletic quarterbacks aren’t just speedy, running backs though. These quarterbacks also can throw bombs effortlessly. They have the ability to throw 60 yard passes with the flick of their wrist. Fields has this ability as well. Dalton, on the other hand, does not. Fields needs to show this incredible arm strength during training camp so Nagy can truly see what he can do.

Fields is next in line to be an elite dual-threat quarterback. With his incredible 4.44 40-yard dash time, Fields needs to put his dual-threat capabilities on full display at camp making plays with his legs and making throws on the run. He can do this very well, but he needs to show Nagy how important this is to a modern offense, specifically, his offense.