Chicago Bears: Justin Fields caught fraternizing with the enemy

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What is going on here? The Chicago Bears have one mortal enemy — the Green Bay Packers. Many fans couldn’t care less if the team only won two games each year as long as those two games came at the expense of the Green Bay Packers. This is a ridiculous notion to live by, but trust me when I tell you I have heard (and you probably have too) multiple fans tell me this each season.

Well, I wonder what they will think when they find out that our very own beloved quarterback prospect, Justin Fields, was practicing and fraternizing with the enemy. That’s right, Justin Fields was seen practicing with backup Packers quarterback Jordan Love. Now, Love was not the only one present, so was Deshaun Watson. Not sure how I feel about that currently either though.

Chicago Bears Justin Fields practices with Jordan Love and Deshaun Watson

Justin Fields is a better prospect than Jordan Love. Honestly, I am still surprised the Packers wasted a first-round pick on Love in 2020. Either way, there has been plenty of talk about how bad Love has been at practice this year. Alright, that’s not fair. Love has been up and down during OTAs. As a Chicago Bears fan though, we should be happy to hear about the struggles as the Aaron Rodgers drama continues to unfold.

Even with Love struggling and all of us blindly loving every little thing that Justin Fields does on or off the practice field, he should not be doing anything to help the opposition. Especially one who is considered the future of the mortal enemy. It appears Justin Fields, Jordan Love and Deshaun Watson all share the same agent and that is where the connection comes in. That’s fine and dandy, but let’s hope that Fields is not giving away too many of his secrets. I doubt we have to worry as he’s already bought into the Bears/Packers rivalry.

This is pure satire at this point. Unless Fields is sharing the Bears playbook with Love, there really is not a story here, other than Fields working with Watson, who honestly, this whole situation reminds me of in regards to the disrespect Fields saw during the weeks leading up to the draft. The approach Fields took to the situation also reminds me of how Watson handled himself. The pure determination to prove other teams wrong for passing on him — sound familiar?

Now, the key here is that Justin Fields is not taking any other off-the-field advice from Watson. Watson is in a big legal battle that I hope Fields never has to deal with. I won’t speak to the actions at this point until everything is determined in court, but it sure does not look good for Watson and if all true, yikes. Watson may never play a down again for Houston if that is the case. As for on the field, I hope Fields is soaking up everything he can from Watson but paves his own path in the NFL.

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Overall, this is not anything to get worked up about. Knowing that Justin Fields is doing everything he can to hone his craft and work his way into QB1 status is all Chicago Bears fans need to worry about. Could this Justin Fields and Jordan Love situation just be the start as the two have the potential to be the starting quarterbacks for the one of, if not the, biggest rivalry in football?

What do you think? Are you okay with the Chicago Bears’ future quarterback fraternizing with the enemy? Or, do you find the whole situation to be just another over-hyped headline?