Chicago Bears: 3 Things Justin Fields needs to develop properly

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After the Mitchell Trubisky experiment, the Chicago Bears moved on and took another shot at a quarterback in the first round. Ryan Pace traded up with the New York Giants to select Justin Fields to be the future franchise quarterback of the Bears. After the top three quarterbacks were selected, Fields continued to fall until the Bears finally traded up to 11th overall to select him.

Fields instantly got a chip on his shoulder and from the sound of it, wants to make every team regret passing on him. The slander he faced prior to the 2021 NFL Draft was unwarranted and claims based on no evidence. That’s perfectly fine though for us Bears fans since we got a potential star quarterback later than we should’ve.

The Chicago Bears must find ways to develop their first-round pick, Justin Fields

Now that we got the star though, the Bears are going to need to do more to help in his development. Specifically, they need to surround him with talent so that he has the opportunity to have great weapons and protection so he isn’t getting destroyed much like Trubisky was. The Bears already have solid weapons, but they will need to do more in the future.

Here are three things the Bears need to provide Fields to aid in his development.