Chicago Bears: 7 Players who could shockingly make the final roster

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It might be shocking, but Nick Foles could be sticking with the Chicago Bears

Ideally, the Chicago Bears would find a way to trade Nick Foles this offseason. The only way that is likely to happen though is if a quarterback of another team gets hurt. We do not want to wish injuries on anyone, but this is the NFL and injuries happen on a daily basis. Backup quarterbacks are important and if a team loses their starter or backup, a Nick Foles trade could be their answer.

If this does not happen though, I could see the team keeping three quarterbacks on the active roster through at least the trade deadline. This would give the Bears the most in return for Foles. If the trade deadline passes, then Foles will likely stick around as an insurance policy rather than just cutting him. This has more to do with his contract than anything else.

Foles is set to earn $6.6M this season. However, if the Chicago Bears were to cut him, it would cost the team $14.3M. This is an additional $7.7M dollars that the team would spread out over the next two seasons since cutting Foles now would be considered a post-June 1 cut.

The thing is, cutting Foles now, or even after the trade deadline, makes little sense unless the team is in dire need of adding another player to the active roster. Otherwise, Foles will just have to ride the pine as the third option. I would not have included him if not for ESPN recently including him as the Bears 2021 likely bubble cut after training camp. No matter what, he should definitely bring back the dark visor.