Chicago Bears: 7 Players who could shockingly make the final roster

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Riley Ridley is the other wide receiver who could surprise the Chicago Bears

Just as Javon Wims “could” make the final roster this year, we would be amiss to exclude Riley Ridley from that conversation. Although draft capital does not always mean anything, the Chicago Bears invested a fourth-round pick in the former Georgia Bulldog. Dazz Newsome was a sixth-rounder this year and Javon Wims was a seventh-rounder in 2018.

Although I believe Javon Wims is still ahead of Ridley in the coaches’ eyes, it is possible that the third-year receiver comes into his own this year. From a salary standpoint, Ridley costs slightly more than Wims though with a 2021 salary cap hit of $1,020,649. Wims comes in behind him at $943,978. Neither would be chosen over the other from a saving standpoint.

Just like Wims, it will come down to if the Bears consider keeping more than six receivers (doubtful) or if they think placing Dazz Newsome on the practice squad makes sense to start the 2021 season. Even then, only one can stay and one must go. Both make the list of surprising players to be kept as Ridley only saw 4% of the offensive snaps last year and Wims playing time was cut drastically from 46% in 2019 to 28% in 2020.