What’s next for Allen Robinson, Chicago Bears contract saga

Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

It is not much of a surprise, but all reports are that the franchise tag deadline will come and go without Allen Robinson signing any long-term extension with the Chicago Bears. There are a variety of factors leaving groundwork between the two sides, but the key to note with this deadline is that Robinson will play 2021 on the tag, and then he will test free agency once again.

The Chicago Bears could tag him again but at 125% of this year’s tag cost. Beyond that, they once again would have to try to work out a long-term deal, only this time they would have raised the bar for his asking price themselves by applying that high of a tag on him.

With that in mind, what is next for Robinson and the Chicago Bears is that they play out the 2021 season, and we find out what happens next.

Why Allen Robinson has not incentivized to with Chicago Bears sign long term

Overall, it was a surprise at first when Robinson signed the tag as quickly as he did. He appeared annoyed at the tag, and after missing time with an ACL injury, understood the benefits of cashing in some of his chips while he had them.

Still, what made Robinson sign the tag quickly was the shrinking market around him and the lowering salary cap. Robinson looked around as JuJu Smith-Schuster and Will Fuller signed well below value deals, and Kenny Golladay struggled to find a home for the right price. Robinson realized that if Chicago took away the tag, he would struggle to find the same amount on the open market.

Beyond that, the salary cap is going next year. While the NFL had the floor last year to prevent free fall, they have a ceiling this year, knowing it will skyrocket.

Robinson may not have been looking at the QB situation at the time, but now he has to think between Andy Dalton and Justin Fields, he has his best chance to produce his career year stats. This is someone who has produced a lot as well.

With that in mind, Robinson is likely thinking optimistically. Knowing he is on the tag anyway, he knows that signing a long-term deal will not get him the most money.

If Robinson bonds with the rookie Fields and the young gunslinger targets Robinson often, he could be looking to career numbers. If Robinson is entering free agency without a good chance of being tagged, with significant time numbers, and with a rising cap, it is a no-brainer for Robinson to wait more years and hope to sign big.

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So, the Chicago Bears could not have done much to appease Robinson other than overpay. The hope now is that the bond between him and Fields is so strong that they must bring him back and that he knows that Fields can help the money train coming.