Chicago Bears Training Camp: 6 Potential candidates for camp MVP

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The Chicago Bears are less than 15 days away from kicking off the next portion of the 2021 offseason — Chicago Bears training camp. There will be plenty for us to have fun with as camp nears. We not only will have storylines like how Allen Robinson is not likely getting a new contract and instead will be playing on the franchise tag, but we can have fun trying to project who makes the team, what decisions must be made, and who will stand out at training camp.

The big storyline that everyone, including the national media, will be following is everything and anything Justin Fields related. Justin Fields could say he likes a certain brand of cereal and that will become a national news story.

Who will stand out at Chicago Bears training camp this year?

Players should be excited for Chicago Bears training camp though. Offensive and defensive linemen want to put the pads on and finally hit one another. Running backs can actually run the football and get a real practice in rather than running through a hole untouched in shorts and a t-shirt like during OTAs. Matt Nagy said David Montgomery is built for training camp, but Montgomery quickly corrected him saying he is built for Sundays. Clearly, these guys want to get back to work.

With so many situations that need to play out, let us take a look at who has the potential to really stand out at Chicago Bears training camp this year. Which players have the potential to be the 2021 camp MVP? Honestly, anyone could stand out, but these six players stand out to me as having the ability to showcase the most potential and excitement. As fans are watching at Halas Hall, these are going to be the players most talked about.