Chicago Bears Training Camp: 6 Potential candidates for camp MVP

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Chicago Bears, Darnell Mooney
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Darnell Mooney could build on last season as Chicago Bears training camp MVP

I hate to say it, but defensive players will have a much harder time being the MVP of Chicago Bears training camp. When it comes to the offensive side of the ball, I could see any wide receiver standing out except for Allen Robinson. Robinson is expected to be great and if he succeeds the quarterback is likely to get most, if not all of the credit.

Out of all the receivers, the one I think has the best chance of being this year’s camp MVP is Darnell Mooney. Mooney can make some unbelievable type grabs, plus hit the deep threat well. If he shows the improvement I believe he can, Mooney could look like an All-Pro during Chicago Bears training camp.

Mooney had a solid rookie campaign. He scored four touchdowns and caught 61 of 98 targets for 631 yards. I recently looked at Darnell Mooney’s fantasy football value for 2021 and projected his stats. I have him projected to outperform his 2020 numbers but will still fall in as the second-best option behind Allen Robinson.