Aaron Rodgers continues to make decisions that benefit the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears - Photo by Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY NETWORK
Chicago Bears - Photo by Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY NETWORK /

The Chicago Bears have been owned by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers throughout his career. In 25 games versus the Bears, Rodgers has a 20-5 record. He has thrown 55 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions for a QB rating of 107.2. He also has a completion percentage of 66.67% throughout his career while playing the Chicago Bears.

Last offseason, rumors started circulating that Aaron Rodgers was unhappy with the way the Packers have been handling the team — both in free agency and the NFL Draft. Head coach Matt LaFleur dismissed the rumors and things worked out well as the Packers went 13-3 on the year and won the NFC North. Unfortunately for the Packers, they once again lost in the playoffs and did not make the Super Bowl.

Well, those rumors have continued this offseason, maybe to an even greater extent. Although many Green Bay Packers fans do not want to believe anything Adam Schefter has reported on the matter. Well, today, Schefter reported that Aaron Rodgers turned down a two-year extension that would have kept him in Green Bay for five more seasons and made him the highest-paid player in the NFL. At the same time, comment after comment from Packers fans claim Schefter to be fake news.

Here is the thing. Adam Schefter is one of, if not the most connected journalists in the NFL. He has been breaking news stories within the NFL for years and he is not going to risk his reputation just to make Packers fans angry. He does not need the “clicks” as many Packers fans claim either.

An unhappy Aaron Rodgers is great news for the Chicago Bears

I completely understand the want to see the Chicago Bears beat Aaron Rodgers after losing to him time and time again. Nothing would make me happier if I am being honest. That said, Chicago Bears fans should also be happy to see the Bears consistently atop the NFC North. With the hope that Justin Fields is going to become the franchise quarterback the organization has never had and fans deserve, the arrow for this Bears team is pointing way up.

Seeing a future Hall of Fame quarterback choose to either retire earlier, force a trade or just move onto another team two years earlier than he would be had he signed the extension is beneficial for the Chicago Bears. It is time for our beloved Chicago Bears to become the face of the NFC North and consistently win. Saying goodbye to Aaron Rogers just helps in that endeavor. Although I think Rodgers plays for Green Bay in 2021, his future with the Packers looks bleak at best. Bring on the Jordan Love era.