Chicago Bears: The 10 greatest player nicknames of all time

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka
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Sixth and seventh-best nicknames in Chicago Bears history

7. Steve McMichael, DT – “Mongo”

Writing about Steve McMichael right now is difficult as he is dealing with an unbeatable battle against ALS. When it comes to nicknames, the name itself needs to either be very cool or iconic. When it comes to McMichael’s nickname of Mongo, it is strictly iconic.

McMichael was non-stop on the field for the Chicago Bears. He played hard from the minute the whistle blew to start the game to the second it blew to end it. He was relentless, but his nickname of Mongo is somewhat boring. If you are a big ‘Blazing Saddles’ fan then you probably appreciate the nickname more — it was based on a character from the movie. Either way, he finds a place on this list.

6. Mike Ditka, TE/HC – “Da Coach”

Although this nickname is somewhat lame, it is iconic in every way. Remember, having an iconic nickname is also very important. The Saturday Night Live (SNL) Superfans made Mike Ditka a walking slogan with their “Da Bears” skits.

Who would win in a fight? Mike “Da Coach” Ditka or a hurricane? What if that hurricane was named Ditka? Personally, I find Mike Ditka to be overrated as a coach, but his nickname, well it is a great one.