Chicago Bears: What a Nick Foles trade to the Jets would look like

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Here we are, once again talking about the possibility of Nick Foles being traded. Also once again, the Jets are the rumored team to be interested in the third-string quarterback. I am sure plenty of Chicago Bears fans want to see Foles gone seeing the team usually does not hold three quarterbacks on the active roster. Nick Foles is not someone to place on the practice squad the same way the team did Tyler Bray for years.

Many fans want to know what it would take to see Nick Foles gone. In fact, many fans are willing to get rid of him for literally nothing in regards to football value as you can see from our most recent poll.

As you can see, many fans are willing to send Foles on his way for just a half-eaten candy bar. The question is, does it depend on the type of candy bar? Does it need to be something good like a Twix or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, or are you willing to take something on the more disgusting side like a Baby Ruth or Almond Joy?

When it comes to trades, two teams obviously need to be involved. Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears cannot force Nick Foles onto anyone. Plus, the question still remains on if teams are willing to take on the risk of trading for Foles if he is going to choose to opt out of his contract — a clause he was given when he restructured his deal after being traded to Chicago by Jacksonville. Foles can make things difficult for Chicago regarding a trade, but if Pace can make it happen, he should.

Let us pretend for a moment that Foles decides to play nice and will accept another new home. Here is what a trade might look like with the team rumored to be interested again — the New York Jets.