Chicago Bears: 5 players who belong in the Bears ‘Hall of Shame’

Chicago Bears (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Rex Grossman
Chicago Bears (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images) /

Chicago Bears Hall of Shame Inductee No. 4: Rex Grossman, QB (2003–2008)

Drafted: 1st round, 22nd overall (2003)

"Career stats with Chicago Bears:  31 games started; 36 games played; 19-12-0 record; 521/962, (54.2% completion); 6164 yards; 33 TDs; 35 INTs; 19 fumbles"

While Rex Grossman is arguably one of the better, mediocre quarterbacks in Chicago Bears’ history, it’s almost a given he’s a first-ballot inductee into the Hall of Shame. Surprisingly, I don’t have him higher, but that’s partially due to the defense that paired with his offense. He was in an environment where he could perform average or below that, and since he had such a dominant defense on his side, his starting record with the Bears hides a bit of his ugliness.

However, having 33 INTs and 19 fumbles in 31 starts, as well as four interceptions and two fumbles in four playoff games, is why “Sexy Rexy” is taking a seat at No. 4 on the Chicago Bears’ Hall of Shame. The guy just couldn’t figure out how to keep the ball in his possession, and unfortunately for him, that’s an important duty for quarterbacks.

Growing up in the Rex Grossman era was always such a game-changer on how the rest of my Sunday would be (or Thursday/Monday). It almost felt like a drama movie that I’d rewatch each week, and it often ended with me shaking my head at Rex Grossman and thanking Brian Urlacher for probably saving the game somehow.

Lastly, the biggest ding for Rex Grossman in my eyes is his crumble in Super Bowl XLI. On paper, it wasn’t as awful as it was when played out one play at a time in the eyes of a third-grader.

Starting Super Bowl XLI off with one of the Chicago Bear’s biggest claims to fame, Devin Hester’s opening kickoff return for a touchdown, had a lot of Bears fans excited. Not only that, but up until half-time, it really looked like a battle that Chicago could win.

Well, in alleged “Bears Fashion” Rex Grossman ended the game 20-28, for 165 yards, one touchdown (of one yard), two interceptions, and one fumble. Unfortunately for the Bears, they were on the wrong end of a 5:3 turnover battle and ended up losing the Super Bowl 29-17.