Chicago Bears: 5 players who belong in the Bears ‘Hall of Shame’

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Chicago Bears, Michael Haynes, Hall of Shame
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Chicago Bears Hall of Shame Inductee No. 3: Michael Haynes, DE (2003–2008)

Drafted: 1st round, 14th overall (2003)

"Career stats with Chicago Bears:  4 games started; 43 games played; 79 total tackles (62 solo, 17 assisted); 5.5 sacks; 1 INT; 1 forced fumble"

While some could argue that Haynes is worthy of a higher spot on this Hall of Shame, there was a significant reason why he was so disappointing, and it was simply that he didn’t play in games. Usually, when a player is drafted 14th in the first round, they’re expected to play. Even if it isn’t immediately, the players drafted high in a draft have expectations to play in games, and Haynes rarely met that expectation.

Over three seasons, Haynes started just four times, and without much reason needed to justify saying this, that isn’t enough as a first-round selection.

Along with not playing nearly enough, the hindsight bug that always seems to be right stings a lot on this one. Two short picks after Michael Haynes was selected, Troy Polamalu got drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he would play 12 seasons and become cemented as one of the best safeties in NFL history. While Haynes was a disappointing player to watch, it’s even harder when hindsight is brought into the mix.