3 Chicago Bears whose slot snaps will increase in 2021 without Anthony Miller

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2. Tarik Cohen

The Tarik Cohen experience in the slot was a failed one, but in 2019 he played 143 snaps in the slot. That is a big piece of the pie and could cut into a portion that Miller played in 2020. Cohen missed 2020 with an ACL injury but was only pacing for 56 snaps in the slot before the injury.

The reality is that Cohen may not get to 143 snaps in the slot as we saw that may have been overkill. However, 56 was probably too light of a projection, especially with the need in the slot.

The other benefit for Cohen is that he is no longer a backup running back. In the rookie season of David Montgomery, the young back was a rookie early on, and it was a mess to mix in Monty, Cohen, and Mike Davis. By the end, Davis was cut, and Cohen was the backup running back.

In 2020 Cordarelle Patterson was the other running back and that was in name only. Once again, it was just Monty and Cohen. Now, the team has Damien Williams, and a rookie Khalil Herbert to backup the established David Montgomery.

Tarik Cohen can essentially be looked at as a slot and could spend over 100 snaps in the slot 2021.