Chicago Bears: 3 reasons Packers should trade Aaron Rodgers

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Chicago Bears, Aaron Rodgers
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Before people start to come at my life for this one, I want to make something alarmingly clear: These are the opinions of someone that will probably never make a decision like this in their life. Along with that, I personally believe Aaron Rodgers could just be toying with the media since he seems to be enjoying every second of it. And for the Chicago Bears, I’d bet a lot of money that they’re sitting back and hoping they no longer have to face him twice a season.

Chicago Bears Rival: Why would Green Bay trade their 2x MVP next season?

With that said, however, I still think there are at least three reasons as to why the Green Bay Packers should part ways with their seemingly upset 2x MVP.

Is the major kink in Green Bay trading Rodgers the fact that maybe Jordan Love isn’t who they thought he was when drafting him 26th overall in the 2020 NFL Draft? Possibly, but the deal that both parties agreed to seem friendly to parting ways within the next couple of years.

"At this time, there are three options as I see it: Aaron Rodgers stays put in Green Bay for the remainder of his contract Aaron Rodgers gets traded to an AFC team after this season* Aaron Rodgers retires from the NFL in 1-2 seasons after Super Bowl push * what Green Bay should do"

Outside of those three options, it’s unclear to me what Rodgers/Green Bay is planning to do for the next couple of years, but that’s July NFL news for you. There are a lot of ‘what-ifs’ until they eventually don’t happen (for the most part). Any given Sunday, as they say, right?

Now, I’ve said that there are three reasons why the Green Bay Packers should trade Aaron Rodgers after this season, but what are those three reasons? I’m glad you asked.