Chicago Bears: 3 reasons Packers should trade Aaron Rodgers

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Chicago Bears Rival: What’s the going rate for a 38-year-old 2x MVP?

During this off-season, there’s been a lot of rumors about different quarterbacks being traded around the league.

Whether it was Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, etc., there were many rumors speculating a new uniform for some of the league’s better throwers.

One of the biggest and most credible at the time — somewhat — were the Russell Wilson rumors.

In those rumors, it was speculated that the Chicago Bears offered up three first-round picks to acquire Seattle’s QB. Three of them. Not one, not two, but three first-round picks. And, while I agree that Russell Wilson is obviously talented at playing quarterback, the same energy needs to be reciprocated towards Aaron Rodgers — as much as I dislike admitting it.

Russell Wilson is 32 years old, while Aaron Rodgers will be a 38-year-old. While the difference between 32 and 38 might not look significant to the untrained eye, six years makes a big difference in terms of what players are capable of doing in the NFL, especially once significant injuries arise.

A clear difference between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, aside from the six-year age gap, is the fact that Aaron Rodgers is coming off an MVP season as a wily vet the year before. Who knows what his 2021 season will bring, but if it’s anything like 2020, his price will remain similar.

In the unconventional 2020 NFL season, the then 36-year-old Aaron Rodgers went 13-3-0, completed 70.7% of his passes, threw for a single-yard short of 4,300 yards, and had a TD-to-INT ratio of 48-to-5. All bias aside, this dude did some damage across the NFL through the air.

With Aaron Rodgers seemingly having more in the tank than some might think — even if it isn’t MVP-caliber play — Aaron Rodgers would make a lot of quarterback rooms better, and Aaron Rodgers is the type of player to make those around him better too.

With that in mind, what would be a price, or hypothetical price, for Rodgers be to pack up his stuff in Green Bay, and head to a new environment– maybe even a mountainous one?

Based on recent trade rumors with somewhat similar-caliber quarterbacks, my assumption would be Green Bay wouldn’t accept anything less than two first-round picks and some change. As seen with what Deshaun Watson is seemingly going for, this trade for Rodgers would be chump change.

Not only does Green Bay need to eat quite the plate of cap dollars if they trade Rodgers next season, but they’re also trading away the “King of the North”. As an organization with so much tied to one man in Aaron Rodgers, trading him could lose a bit of the team in terms of having guys that want to play for you. But at the same time, it could make your team a lot better in the long run.

Now, this could be on the low-end for what the Green Bay Packers would accept, but it’s important to remember Aaron Rodgers’ age, as well as his history of injuries. Those two parts of Aaron Rodgers’ game make him risky, however, the remaining parts give reason as to why he’s a highly sought-after quarterback for teams making a Super Bowl push similar to Green Bay.

So, the next reason is somewhat of a piggyback off this idea that they trade Rodgers after this season for two or more first-round picks. Usually, those picks equate to something good, right?