Chicago Bears: 3 reasons Packers should trade Aaron Rodgers

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The Chicago Bears no longer having to face Aaron Rodgers is the biggest win

As I’ve said before, I’d like for the Bears to beat the Packers with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, but the odds of that happening seem to be higher without him there.

With Rodgers having a  21-5 record (along with a 1-0 postseason record) against the Chicago Bears, playing against him just statistically looks like a bad idea for the Bears.

However, with Aaron Rodgers, hypothetically, out of Green Bay and the NFC North next season, the Chicago Bears might be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing the big, bad Aaron Rodgers is no longer there to beat them every four games in a row statistically. On paper — and I guess on the field, too — Aaron Rodgers beats the Chicago Bears more often than any other team in the NFL. The only team close is the Detroit Lions, in which Aaron Rodgers has a 17-5 record.

As for what follows last year’s MVP,  Twitter hasn’t necessarily been loving what Jordan Love’s cooking: (it’s social media; take that how you wish)

Now, in case it isn’t obvious, Twitter is by no means credible in most of what it is. Littered within the true news lie rumors, speculations (many that I’ve done), and best of them all: “So and so said this!”

It does result in some funny stuff sometimes, but most of the time, it’s pretty garbage, and yet I read through it just about daily. The internet always wins haha.

So, as a Chicago Bears fan, I would happily accept the idea of Aaron Rodgers only being a threat if the Bears play him in the Super Bowl. Hopefully, he’ll have better luck with AFC Championship Games, eh? Buh-dum-tss! 

With as many losses as the Bears have claimed as their own from the Packers, I’ll take all the little wins that I can. Even if they’re written in an article where I, hopefully, won’t get in as much trouble as if I said it to a Packers fan face-to-face.

Too bad the Bears seem to find trouble playing in Wild Card games. With how things seem to look in Chicago, however, Wild Card games could be a nightmare of the Chicago Bears’ past.