Matt Nagy admits Chicago Bears preseason approach will change

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Because everything turns into a big story you surely remember the first preseason with Matt Nagy as head coach. Despite being a first-year coach with an inexperienced quarterback Nagy was very cautious in the preseason and did not play many starters. Even when he did, things were kept very close to the vest in the preseason. If you remember, Nagy looked like a genius when he shocked the Packers with a punch to the mouth in the first half and looked like a fool when Mitch Trubisky was a deer in headlights in the second half.

Since then, it is fair to say that Nagy has been more willing to get his players to experience in the preseason. However, he still has always leaned towards resting guys and saving his studs.

However, this year when Nagy was asked about his preseason approach, he came out and said that he plans to be more aggressive.

It is fair to mention that Nagy did not get the chance to show more aggression in 2020, but this still would be a new look for Nagy. The question now comes to how aggressive and by what means?

This surely does not mean that Akiem Hicks and Khalil Mack are playing into the second quarter of any preseason game. Heck, Hicks can still take the preseason off with his age and injury status.

However, it could mean getting Eddie Goldman back into shape and seeing a veteran corner such as Desmond Trufant on the field.

Of course, the key to watch will be the quarterbacks. It is fair that Nagy would be more aggressive with Justin Fields considering the plan is for him to learn from the bench this year, while he planned on Trubisky coming out and shocking the world after hiding him in the preseason.

Still, this could also show some learning from Nagy that he feels that he did not prepare Trubisky enough and did not give him the valuable preseason reps.

While Fields will certainly play more than Trubisky in the preseason, there is still a question about how much he uses this time to get Fields experience, and how much he uses it to get Dalton experience.

Dalton is a veteran but this is still a new offense for him. He worked with Bill Lazor, but not Nagy and not any of these receivers or linemen. Dalton is going to need reps as well.

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So, with aggressive gameplay, you should expect to see Dalton and Fields get plenty of work. Still, there is a fine line that Nagy has to walk and those reps are going to be valuable for both.