Anthony Miller trade leads to the return of “Chicago Bears Killer”

Chicago Bears - Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears traded Anthony Miller to the Texans on Saturday. Details of the trade were not originally known until later in the week, but we knew from the beginning it was a swap of late-round draft picks. Now that we know the details, it could have been worse, but the move has now directly led to the return of the “Chicago Bears Killer”, Randall Cobb.

The Bears sent Anthony Miller and a 2022 seventh-round pick to the Texans for a 2022 fifth-round pick. I love that they moved up to the fifth, but with only five draft picks next year, it would have been nice to acquire an extra pick somehow instead of just a swap. Oh well, the move is done and we now must move on.

The Chicago Bears trading Anthony Miller leads to the return of Randall Cobb

The bigger problem is that the Chicago Bears unknowingly helped Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers bring back Randall Cobb.

Cobb has been dubbed the “Chicago Bears Killer” during his time in Green Bay due to his unbelievable career splits and multiple plays he has had that led to late-minute wins over the Bears. Here are a couple of highlights to make your Wednesday miserable.

When you look at Randall Cobb’s stats throughout his career, one thing stands out over the rest — he dominated while playing against the Chicago Bears. Obviously, his total numbers will look inflated versus a team he plays against twice a year compared to other teams he only plays against once every few years. However, even compared to his games versus the Lions and Vikings his numbers are just that much better while facing Chicago.

Randall Cobb has accumulated nine touchdowns while playing against the Chicago Bears. He has five versus the Lions and three versus the Vikings throughout his career. See the difference. Even from an efficiency standpoint, Cobb has a way of dominating Chicago. He has caught 66 of 89 targets while facing the Bears for a 74.2% catch rate. His catch rate versus the Lions is only 63.9% and his catch rate versus the Vikings is only 67.1%.

As you can see, Randall Cobb just plays differently versus the Chicago Bears than he does other teams. This is how he has earned his reputation as the “Chicago Bears Killer”. The question is, will he be able to return to that form with Aaron Rodgers in 2021, or now that he is 31 years old and three years removed from his last season (2018) playing for the Packers, will he show signs of aging and struggle to live up to his nickname?

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Normally, I would say a team should not be concerned with a player like Randall Cobb at this point in his career. A player who has only scored six touchdowns combined over the last two years. However, there is just something about his performances while facing the Chicago Bears that makes you think, could he do it again? I’m shocked this move is what was needed to make Aaron Rodgers happy too, but alas, here we are.