Chicago Bears: 5 Bold predictions from training camp

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Chicago Bears Bold Prediction: Robert Quinn looks better than Khalil Mack

We are already getting hyped up by the little bit of news that Robert Quinn looks better this season than he did last season. The only thing is, we are only three days into camp, Quinn is now 31 years old and coming off an injury-riddled season. How much stock can we put into these three days — one where Quinn was a limited participant? Well, not much if we are being honest and that doesn’t play a part in my bold prediction here.

As someone who was on record for loving the Quinn signing last year as opposed to bringing back Leonard Floyd, that excitement did not age well. Quinn looked awful last year despite having more sacks in one season than Floyd had in three combined seasons. I am going to predict that Quinn has moved past the foot and back issue enough where he will look dominant this offseason. In fact, he will look so dominant that fans and media are going to think Khalil Mack is struggling.

If this bold prediction can come true and both Mack and Robert Quinn reach double-digit sacks this season, watch out NFC. The offensive production won’t matter as much too. Maybe we see a repeat that looks similar to the defense’s 2018 performance. If Quinn looks great in the offseason, the hope is it carries over to the regular season too.