Chicago Bears: 5 Bold predictions from training camp

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Chicago Bears Bold Prediction: Matt Nagy gives play-calling back to Bill Lazor

You read this right. Matt Nagy is going to realize during the offseason that he needs to step back and be a head coach and stop worrying about the play-calling again. The shocking decision takes place before Week 1 though and that’s what makes this prediction arguably the boldest of the five.

Last season, the Chicago Bears went on a six-game losing streak. They fought back to reach an 8-8 record, which seems to be what saved Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace’s jobs. After losing three of those six games, Nagy handed play-calling duties over to Bill Lazor. Personally, I think this is how Matt Nagy should always coach. He is a great motivator and leader and does well as a head coach. He does not need to be the play-caller despite that being what he seems to enjoy most.

Not worrying about play-calling on gameday also allows him to focus on all of the details of the game. Otherwise, he tries to be too cute and make too many personnel changes instead of keeping the momentum going. I have no problem with the plays that Nagy designs, I have a problem with when he calls them. His situational awareness seems to be lacking often and it has kicked this team in the butt more times than once.

This year though, Matt Nagy has grown up. He has realized the error in his ways. Oh, wait, no he hasn’t. However, maybe, just maybe he realizes it during training camp and the preseason.