Chicago Bears: 5 Players who deserve higher Madden 22 overall ratings

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

EA Sports Madden 22 will be coming out in just under a month, on August 28th. Now, I must admit, over the last decade or so the video game that was once held in high regard has had quite the fall from grace. Whether it be from the sheer laziness of the developers to the predatory tactics EA relies on such as microtransactions, Madden isn’t thought of as it once was. Similar to how the Chicago Bears are viewed on a national level.

I myself, have been an avid Madden player since Madden 02. I’ve played/owned all of them since that time and feel that I can speak to the quality of the game. Over the past week or so EA has been slowly releasing some of the ratings by position with the full overall ratings being released today.

With the full ratings being released, I thought we could take a look at the Chicago Bears and see how they fared and to see if some players may be a little underrated by EA.

Five Chicago Bears who should see a higher overall Madden 22 rating

Player No. 1: James Daniels, OG – 77 OVR

Suggested Rating: 83 OVR

As it stands right now James Daniels is probably the second-best offensive lineman on the Chicago Bears and has the potential to be the best. You can argue that he has a ceiling of someone to be in the high 80s or low 90s. He only played in five games in 2020 before getting injured for the year, which hurt his rating.

Player No. 2: Bilal Nichols, DE/DT – 79 OVR

Suggested rating: 82 OVR

To be fair, 79 is a decent rating for Bilal Nichols but I still think he could be higher than that. Nichols played very well last season in fact, he had a career year and may have found a prominent role as a nose tackle moving forward.

Player No. 3: Cody Whitehair, OG – 80 OVR

Suggested rating 84 OVR

Cody Whitehair proves year in and year out that he’s one of the most consistent players on this Chicago Bears roster. He’s been a cornerstone of this offensive line for several years, no matter what positions he plays. 80 is decent overall but his play exceeds that.

Player No. 4: David Montgomery, RB – 82 OVR

Suggested rating 87 OVR

Possibly the most offensive on this list is what EA did to David Montgomery. 82 OVR doesn’t even put him in the top 20 at the position, which is crazy for someone who ranked sixth in rushing. Montgomery is one of the more under-appreciated backs in the league and it shows with this rating.

Player No. 5: Justin Fields, QB – 74 OVR

Suggested rating: 77 OVR

Rookies are always tougher to rate in Madden but usually, EA gives the bigger-named rookies a rating in the upper 70s or even the low 80s. 74 OVR puts Justin Fields behind Zach Wilson and tied with Trey Lance and I just disagree with that. Trevor Lawrence is a 78 OVR so I think one point below him would be fair.

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Although these Madden 22 ratings mean nothing in the end for the Chicago Bears, it is always fun to see where each player is rated and determine if any players were disrespected or maybe even overvalued. Are there any other players you think Madden got wrong, whether too low or too high of an OVR rating?